The coming of the copier is an important milestone in several ways. It was the result of the advances that were made in the field of science by virtue of the industrial revolution. Chemical engineering and small sized electric motors were certain key inventions that made photocopiers a reality.

Human beings always relied on hand written copying. Carbon papers came into use during the early 19th century. Mimeograph was also widely used prior to the invention of photocopying machines or the xerograph, as it was called initially.

A significant step towards modernization of the photocopying machine was the change from analog photocopiers to digital ones, and made production printing possible. Others include ‘duplex’ feature, or the ability to print images on both sides of a page.

Another important achievement was the ability to use common office papers to produce duplicates, which makes it much cheaper than its predecessors that required specially made papers, which were considerably expensive. The ability to sort and even staple outputs is yet another important feature that the photocopier added under its belt as the years passed by.

Inventions like the typewriter and the photocopying machine transformed the way an office desk looked hitherto. Since the 1960s, the photocopying machine has undergone several changes and modifications and with increased globalization and the presence of several key players engaged in manufacturing and selling of photocopying machines, choices are quite varied and demand a patient research before purchasing one.

When buying or leasing copiers for your business, choosing the best copiers company is as important as choosing the right model.

If you’re using copier rates as a determining factor, requesting copier rates is one method to find the best copier company to fit your business’ needs. Even if the initial purchase or lease price is a little more, the best copier companies will give you better, more reliable service and maintenance, making sure your copy machine runs consistently and efficiently for the duration of your relationship.

It’s not necessary that a good photocopier should have all these features in it. For example, if you are buying UK copier for personal use; features like local area network (LAN) support and fax and internet are not absolute necessities. However there are several high ends, multi utility photocopiers that come loaded with all these features and much more, like the ability to recognize currency notes and blocking their reproductions.

A UK copier machine is one of the most energy intensive objects in your office. It’s important that the photocopier that you have got installed in your office is energy efficient. The crown of the best photocopier can go to a varied number of photocopier models depending on individual necessities and purpose. Energy efficiency, duplex, sorting and stapling outputs, digital technology, color photocopying, connectivity, internet and fax support, ability to send outputs to local networks are several key factors that can be looked upon, while deciding on a particular photocopier.