Your office staff has been complaining about the copier they have been stuck using for months, the quality of the copies it makes has been steadily getting worse and more than one of your staff has threatened to throw it out the window. This would not be so bad but your offices are on the 40th floor and the windows don’t open. At this point it may finally be time to admit that you are going to have to look into buying a new copier or multifunction printer (MFP).

Making the decision to replace your antiquated copier is only the first step in arriving at the final choice regarding the new copier that you are going to have delivered to your offices. As your copier performs a wide number of tasks within your office, you are going to need to make sure that not only are you going to be getting the best price on the one you decide to buy, but that it is going to be capable of doing everything that you and the rest of your office staff need it to do.

With this in mind your first real step in the process should be to sit down with everyone in your office and ask them not only what they have been using your current MFP for, but what features they would like to see on the new one. You should also be looking down the road at possible uses for a copier that may arise. This is the time to look at how frequently your copier is being used, does it get used every day and if so how heavily is it used?

Are you going to need a full color copier or is all of your work done in black and white? Do you print, fax, and scan? Do you need to be able to staple the pages coming out or punch holes in them? What about the ability to collate multiple documents or stack multiple sizes of paper in separate compartments so that you can select the one you need without having to continually swap out paper in single drawer? By taking the time to answer questions like this, you can quickly narrow down the list of possibilities to include only those copiers or MFPS that have the exact features that meet your needs.

Now that you have a good idea of what you want in a copier, it is time to start doing a little research.

You should be looking at specific brands like Xerox to see what MFPs they have and whether or not they are going to have a model or multiple models that match your needs. While you are doing your research, you will need to be able to make honest comparisons. This would be like going to the grocery store; you want to compare apples to apples and not oranges.

As you look at the different brands and models, try to compare features instead of just price. Also take into consideration the reputation of the manufacturer themselves. For example Xerox is one of the oldest copier manufacturers in the world and has a stellar reputation for producing superior quality copiers. Buying a copier just because it is loaded with features and the manufacturer claims that it is the best copier you will ever buy is not going to cut it.

Look very carefully at the reputation of the manufacturer; you are going to find that in most cases opting to go with one that has been in business for many years is going to be a much better choice than going with the new kid on the block. This is because you will be dealing with a company that has already invested many years in researching their products. Typically this will give them the edge in being able to produce superior quality products.

You should also consider what type of warranty you are going to be getting – in most cases the long standing companies offer a much better warranty program. This is an important consideration, especially if your copier is going to be used heavily. Along this line of thinking, you should find out if the company you choose has anyone in the area that will be able to provide repair service if your copier breaks down.

When you have looked at all of the rest, it is time to settle for nothing less than the best. When you buy a Xerox copier or MFP from Copier Headquarters, you will be buying a copier made by one of the most respected names in the industry. We have been proudly serving the areas of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties since 1998 and will provide you with outstanding after the sale service.